In recent years, people in Taiwan have become more aware of the importance of exercise to stay healthy, and venues for exercising have been set up everywhere. The number of people who engage in various forms of exercise has been rapidly increasing, and elders are no exception. However, lack of awareness of the concept of motion protection can result in acute sport injuries due to improper warm-up exercises, awkward movements, and overexertion.

With the aim of becoming “the driving force behind motion protection in Taiwan,” Power Max is promoting this concept by making its complexity clear and easy to understand and use for those who engage in typical forms of exercise. By using motion protection, individuals can exercise to improve their health and continue enthusiastically to take part in sports activities.

We affirm the principle that “every step leaves its trace behind--working steadily and making solid progress” of Taiwanese buffalos in our work in the market. With constant improvements through research and development, our products meet the demands of the members of the local community who exercise on a regular basis. Only by continuous innovation can we remain at the forefront of sporting trends.

Power Max continues to come out with new products as we continue to promote the concept and techniques of motion protection, so that individuals can take part in sports activities worry-free. This is the challenging path we are committed to following.